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Installation of the charge points

This activity will bring together a wide range of partners to oversee the successful installation of rapid charge points. Installation partners will work together with equipment manufacturers, land owners and network operators to provide a user-friendly service for EV drivers.

There will be a number of key areas in this activity including:

  • Site Selection: each location will be assessed against a number of criteria to ensure that it will meet the needs of the network.
  • Site survey: a detailed assessment will then take place which will consider areas such as installation conditions, electrical capacity, restrictions on access as well as costs.
  • UK Planning Permission: Each site will require UK planning permission which takes up to 12 weeks.
  • Physical Installation Works: this piece of work includes groundworks for the rapid charge point and any associated canopy stations and any signage as required. Once all civil and electrical works have been completed, the charger will be installed on site and commissioning work completed. Parking bays will be marked to reflect their use as EV charge point bays as agreed with the retailer.
  • Maintenance: once a unit is installed, provision must be made for ongoing planned and unplanned maintenance.


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The Rapid Charge Network is supported by major industry partners, including:

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