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The key objective of the dissemination strategy will be to promote and improve the visibility of the project to the wider public and demonstrate its results to a national and transnational audience. This activity will publicise the findings of this real world trial to support the further development of similar networks across Europe.

Key activities will include:

  • Promoting the Rapid charger project to the general public and potential EV drivers, through public campaigns and advertising.
  • Engaging with stakeholders across the UK and Europe to help build understanding within the transport sector of the project through activities such as Stakeholder forums.
  • Supporting consistent communications with location partners to encourage active engagement.
  • Disseminating the study – both pre and post results – to heighten understanding and engagement with the project.
  • Providing and disseminating detailed reports and information at the end of the study including the strategy for the development of similar networks and the benefits to equivalent work across Europe to encourage future projects.


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The Rapid Charge Network is supported by major industry partners, including:

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