How Excited Are You About the Tesla Model X?

We are in the days of “Where’s the Tesla Model X”, as one of the most exciting new vehicles in the automotive world gets its first pre-release Model X. I am actually quite impressed with the amount of time and attention that was given to this vehicle.

Tesla Model X is a highly sophisticated, sporty SUV that brings a whole new perspective to the automobile industry. It is a short and compact design with all the best features of the best SUVs that will further enhance your SUV experience.

It is nice to see that Tesla is not only considering high end performance but also usability and practicality in their design. On top of that, they’ve put together an almost silent, aerodynamic design with this vehicle.

The most noticeable feature of the Tesla Model X is the battery and its ability to provide a long range drive. Tesla has taken their technology from the “Model S” and has fine tuned it to match the performance capabilities of the Model X. All this gives you a great driving experience.

Most people would think that with such performance and battery capacity that Model X is an expensive vehicle. As I’ve explained, this vehicle will not break the bank; it is far more affordable than even a Mercedes S class.

To get a Mercedes S class, you are looking at paying around a thousand dollars more. You’d be crazy to do that with Tesla Model X because of its low price.

So now that you know what to expect from this electric vehicle, let’s have a look at the details and features. The largest hardware improvement is the all new roof rails. These rails provide much better access to the various interior areas such as the cupholders and this system looks to be very clean, crisp and clear.

I did notice that the Tesla Model X has upgraded the glass to higher quality and with the glass being an integral part of the vehicle, it seems to have put some serious effort into making it as classy as possible. This also helps to keep the Model X out of sight of the passengers so they don’t have to worry about seeing anything that can be considered hazardous.

So far, the interior of the Tesla Model X is pretty much the same as the Tesla Model S. However, it really looks like the Tesla Model X has added several additional hardware and some clever software enhancements to this vehicle.

Now I’m sure that you are wondering how much this is going to cost you, this is where the review for the Tesla Model X will come in handy. The Tesla Model X costs from $61k to $73k depending on the features you are interested in.

If you are planning to buy this vehicle, do yourself a favor and read through the Tesla Model X review. It will tell you what you need to know about this vehicle before you go ahead and purchase it.