VoIP by the Numbers

VoIP Business Services provides converged networks which offer converged communications protocols over the same optical network. VoIP Business Services provides hosted IP phone services, IP converged communications services, IP unified communications services, converged communications, unified communications protocols and dedicated IP phone services. With VoIP Business Services a business can make calls from any location, at any time, to any IP enabled device, at the same rates and any of the features they would get from a traditional telephone. Businesses are given hosted IP phone services and other added features like call recording, conference, video, document sharing, and online web browsing right from their own office or site.

Businesses can now be equipped with state of the art communications infrastructure at a lower cost and in a very short time as VoIP Phone Services is bringing the industry closer to the consumer. It offers converged communications solutions that have evolved to match the requirements of today’s busy working life. With the correct choice, VoIP Phone Services can make your business more productive and save money. VoIP Business Services has the potential to transform how businesses communicate with their customers, prospects, and clients. The converged communications portfolio of VoIP Phone Services comprises converged communications solutions that are designed to meet every aspect of a business needs for converged communications.

A typical voice phone service offers three types of features:

RingCentral, FileCentric and unified communications. With RingCentral, you are given a toll free number with which you can call other businesses within your service area for free. With RingCentral, your voice and data plans are combined into one plan with a single centralized administrator and you have access to over 25 million numbers across the United States and Canada. With this kind of set-up, your voice phone will be a one-stop solution for all of your business communication requirements.

File Centric provides advanced features for sharing and conferencing among businesses. This kind of system includes advanced conference calling features and allows businesses to connect with their remote customers. It also provides advanced Caller ID and fixed number portability. With File Centric, you get access to a variety of extensions and free conference entry. With this kind of set-up, your caller id and extensions remain confidential while in transit.

VoIP Call Forwarding gives you the ability to have people on your phone line connect to your hosted VoIP system. There are many businesses out there that are choosing to go with a hosted VoIP service provider because it is a cost-effective way to provide mobile communication. By setting up a dedicated phone line, you can set up an extension anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the phone is connected to a high-speed internet connection or not. This is why call forwarding has become an integral part of many businesses’ communication solutions. Now, instead of being limited to a single internal phone line, they can now connect to multiple extensions within the office and even travel with their calls without any significant loss of quality.

RingCentral is another business services provider that you might consider using.

When you use ringcentral, you’ll enjoy superior voice quality over traditional analog voice systems. RingCentral provides you with access to hundreds of premium telephone lines through which you can make unlimited long distance phone calls and even ringback on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about the business lines getting busy in order for your customers to hear you. In fact, when a customer calls a line that is connected to your RingCentral account, your voice is heard immediately so that the client doesn’t have to wait on hold for long periods of time.

Many VoIP service providers offer additional features for free as a part of their business packages. One of the most popular features that many businesses utilize today is online customer support. Since most traditional phone systems cannot be used online, many businesses have found online customer support to be extremely helpful. With online customer support, a customer can receive help from customer service professionals right in the comfort of their own offices. With this added convenience, many businesses can get their tasks done more efficiently and can increase their level of customer satisfaction.

  • The next time that you need to make calls to a customer, you should consider using VoIP.
  • Although a traditional phone system is still used by some business people, there are many advantages to using a VoIP service.
  • You’ll be able to reduce expenses and increase productivity.
  • Choose the right VoIP provider to ensure that you’re on the forefront of communication trends.

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